Ministry of Education looking forward to having the SEE and NEB Board

Why is the Ministry of Education looking forward to having the SEE and NEB Board?

The spread out of Covid-19 around the globe has thrashed every sector. Big businesses and small startup, colleges, and institutions have been beaten totally. The different school and colleges have started their Online classes. Not only that, but many universities have also canceled their Board exam. But in the case of Nepal, it’s different. It’s not possible to start online classes as more than half percent of the student lives in rural areas where people didn’t have access to the Internet. However, the Ministry of Education has tried a different way to teach students through various sources so that students can learn with any accessible resources.

Radio, Television, and Online Shiksha Chautari have started by the Central Government, and somehow it is being better than having nothing. But, had we ever understand the mindset of students from their point of view? Had we ever try to read their mind? Never.

During this pandemic, the Ministry of education is always looking for the best time for the Board Exam. Is it suitable to have an exam in such a period? Do students are ready for this? As we believe that the student’s mind is washed out by the Corona Virus, the fear has overcome, and they are burned out.

Here, we have three points that why the Ministry of Education is looking for SEE and NEB Board? We have prepared it as per our point of view, and we believe you will find the best reason. Let’s start.

Exam Stress
  • Board Exam is the Ultimate measures to measure student progress: In the context of our country, Board exams are the ultimate and final way to standards student progress. The marks they obtained on their result is what they deserve to get. The Government should understand, “A fish cannot be measures its ability from its flying.”
  • Giving more priority to theoretical knowledge than practical: Here, everyone believes in theoretical knowledge than Practical. Even students are not aware of the practical base study. The concept of the study is just to obtain the marks. Such thoughts are ruling over the practical knowledge, and this forces government to have the Board Exam. We should understand that learning things is far better than studying thousands of others.

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  • Board Exam is the best way to judge every student: We believe placing the board exam around the corner of the country is the best way to rule millions of students at a time. The report card of the student provides the way for their higher education. Higher the marks, higher the chance to enroll in next doorstep. Due to this reason, the Government is bound to take the board exam.

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