Nepal's best E-Learning App : Way to Excellence
Nepal's best E-Learning App : Way to Excellence

Nepal’s best E-Learning App : Way to Excellence

With this covid-19 pandemic, Each & Every Sector has been got hampered. In the list, Education is also one of them. Since 2020, Physical Classes haven’t been run down so effectively. E-learning App will play in actions.

While Nepal Government has published a notice regarding the new academic year. So now students must need to be familiar with Online Classes & E-Learning platforms. On this note, here is some useful E-Learning App Below :

Neemacademy :

The exam is near and are you seeking a quick revision then, NeemaAcademy could be the best for chosen for students. This Application has been the greatest for the students of all grades all over Nepal. Neemacademy is user-friendly and everyone can use it easily. You will find subjects like science, Social studies, English, Nepali, and other important subjects.

Nepal's best E-Learning App : Way to Excellence

Midas class:

The Learning App At The Second Position, We have kept the Nepal Most Popular Learning App for the student of Grade Nursery To Class 10. This Application has carried out a different perspective for learning the Chapter So Effectively. You can use smartphones and laptops too and shoe the animated video so that your kid can learn interestingly. They also have educational game-like puzzles and quiz.

Nepal's best E-Learning App : Way to Excellence

KULLABS SmartSchool V2:

Khullabs has been the most popular among both teachers & Students. This Application has beautifully carried out the solution of every Chapter along with containing practice sessions for every topic. Not only this students Can also Watch out for the teaching Method on their YouTube channel.

Nepal's best E-Learning App : Way to Excellence

NEB English:

If you are grades 11 & 12 students and seeking English Notes then NEB English could be the best choice for you. A Newly Application Developed by Mero Company has consisted of the feature like Audio Of Each Summary along with Dark Theme too .

NEB English by Mero Company

To Download the NEB English E-Learning App visit: